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Welcome all writers from The Review Review

Version 4.2 is now available. Minor interface changes to optimize the interface for iOS. See the README for a full update.

See the Trailer and updated BLOG!

The Writer’s Scribe is a software management system that runs on your Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone. It tracks your freelance submissions to publishers and generates alerts to keep you up to date.

Avoid issues with simultaneous or multiple submissions with a simple 3-step process, allowing the application to suggest eligible publishers.

The interface is very user-friendly, and the software takes less than 10 minutes to install....Click here for a free trial download to take a test drive.

  1. BulletDo you have multiple submissions out to publishers?

  2. Do you track them with a spreadsheet, 3X5 cards, or using a simple word processing file?

  3. BulletDo you want to gain control over your submissions and get them back out for consideration as soon as possible?

  4. BulletDo you want to succeed as a professional writer?

Did you ever send out a story to the same publisher twice?

  1. TWS warns you when you create a submission if it is already sent out or is currently out to another publisher that does not allow simultaneous submissions. You may still send it, but you’ve been warned in case it’s a mistake.

Did you ever get confused about who you sent out your story to?

  1. Do a Quick Find on a story and view the Sent to tab to see the list in seconds. Every story has a tab that lists out everyone you have sent each story out to, when it was sent, with cross links to view the original information.

Did you ever lose track of the rights purchased by a publisher and when they expired?

  1. Rights sold may be recorded for each Sale. You may enter in a new right to match the terms of the contract. Attach the contract to each Sale for easy reference.

Do you have an accurate accounting of sales and expenses for your business?

  1. Record Sales and Expenses, and associate each with a Story, or Publisher, as needed. You may even attach scans of original invoices to the Sale or Expense for your records.

Have you ever spent hours searching for the right market that you should have spent writing?

  1. Who hasn’t done this? It’s vital to find the right match. A large set of Publishers is available already entered, and you can enter your own. The three-step process to 1-Suggest a Publisher, 2-Create a Submission, and 3-Compose a Query, makes it easy to send out a work the first time and for each successive submission since it automatically culls out publishers you’ve already sent a work to.

Have you spent hours writing your queries and getting them addressed and sent?

  1. When composing a query or submission, you want to carefully craft the cover letter and documents. However, much of this work is repeated for each submission. The Template Variables and Mail-Merge like capability make it easy to get the first draft with all of this repeat work correct every time on the first draft, and still allows you to tweak it before you send it. This saves you time and freedom from the drudgery of assembling submission packages.

Have you kept your adoring public up to date on your activities using social media such as Facebook and Twitter?

  1. This is business it is vital you do this immediately. Your followers demand this and it helps to grow demand for your writing. The Submission page has buttons that allows you to immediately log into Facebook or Twitter and compose your message about that submission. For Twitter, you may even use a Template Variable to enter information to start your Tweet.

Have you ever gone searching for a publisher contact, including their email, phone, or address?

  1. Contact information is included, where possible, for all publishers provided with the application. For those with a street address, you may view their location on a map with a single click.

Have you spent many minutes or even hours trying to match up your story to publisher, often reviewing many that didn't even take your subject or genre?

  1. By recording a genre or subject area for each story, and the corresponding set of accepted categories for each publisher, the Suggest a Publisher feature culls the list of available publishers so you may focus your time on finding the best match out of a list of potential publishers.

Have you spent time searching your computer for the latest manuscript to send to someone you met at conference?

  1. Actual files, such as Word documents or Pages documents, may be attached to Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Sales, and Expenses. This makes it easy to access the original documents wherever and whenever you need them.

Have you been at a conference, met an agent, and needed to get and/or send your manuscript from your phone, NOW?

  1. Take a copy of the application and the data file with you on your iPhone or iPad. Then you may email it directly from your mobile device to the agent.

Have you been asked, at the last second of course, to do a reading from your work and didn't have a copy of it with you?

  1. From your laptop, iPhone, or iPad, pull up a copy of your manuscript. Or, with one-click, email your manuscript to your Kindle device and have it automatically converted to the Kindle format so you may read it.

Have you ever referenced a name or a place in one of your stories and need to find which story or stories that was in?

  1. Enter the source of your article for each story into the application. This allows you to search for character, person, place, or other references and pull up every story or article that matches. Quick Find allows you to search across multiple fields, allowing you to find records that match on any single field.

Have you spent untold hours scouring the Web for a publisher, only to find they happen to be closed this month?

  1. Using Global Publishers, periodically update the information provided with the application on the publishers that matter to you. This includes whether the Publisher is currently open to submissions.

Have you spent untold hours entering in basic information to your query, or finding it on the Web, over and over again?

  1. The application automates much of the process of generating a query by using mail-merge like templates to compose your query and pair it with the publisher your sending it to. Tweak the information before sending it to submit the information like a professional.

Have you found that a one solution program, that cannot be customized, helps but really doesn't meet your needs?

  1. The application gives you full control over the Industry Terminology used throughout every page and tab. Select a pre-defined industry set for Songwriter, Poet, Screenwriter, Academic, College Consultant, or Minister. Re-define individual industry terms, or even customize strings used throughout the application, including for other languages.

Are you a poet and find yourself continually looking for new markets that accept poetry?

  1. The application captures which Publishers accept poetry and takes this into account when suggesting publishers for a submission.

Are you a freelance writer that needs to earn income as quickly as possible so you want to leverage everything you've written to its fullest?

  1. A good story sitting on a shelf somewhere does not earn any money. Follow how long a story has been pending. If a story is outstanding beyond the expected response time, the days are flagged by using a RED font. You may also create alerts that, by default, calculate when you should follow-up based upon the response time provided by the publisher. View these in your Active alerts using a filter to allow you to focus on the items that need your attention.