Posted by: Doug | October 21, 2017

Version 7.0 Released

The latest version of The Writer’s Scribe has been released and is available for download.

Posted by: alpha | September 5, 2017

New Version Soon?

Something great is just around the corner…a new version. Version 7.0 will be based on the latest database engine and take full advantage of an improved interface on the Windows platform. There will be many other changes, with a focus on improving the User Experience. Our business model will be changing too, structured for the long-term!

Stay tuned for later this month to catch the full announcement.

The Writer’s Scribe

Posted by: Doug | December 28, 2015

Version 6.2 released!

Version 6.2 has been released. Please see the README file for full details on the changes. I received feedback from some customers regarding problems with the upgrade. I fixed these. You should have the full functionality of the original 5.2 version in terms of using the Scorecard and the Home Details screen. This is still a free upgrade for all 5.x and later customers.

Posted by: Doug | January 3, 2016

Minor update for license activation

I have received support requests regarding having difficulty with the license activation procedure for version 6.x. I put out a minor update of the application to address this issue.

The Licenses screen now supports using an Import License button or a drag and drop target to apply a license file to the application. Once selected with either the button or the drag and drop action, a license will be added, a contact for the user that is private will be added, and that contact correctly associated or connected to the license. This saves work compared to entering this information manually. You may still do the activation manually.


This addition is intended for new installations where a registration name and key have not been entered, or for adding multiple licenses in a multi-user installation. Please see the website for the updated installation instructions: Update Instructions.

If you have any difficulties, please contact support and we will address any issues.

Thank you.


Posted by: Doug | December 31, 2015

Update instructions updated

The update instructions on the Website for version 6.2 have been updated. I realized I was missing some additional steps needed to get the application up and running so it may be used by existing users in the same manner as it functioned in the past. This included steps for creating a contact for the User to connect to the license, and associating the current user with the stories, submissions, and other objects that were otherwise unassigned. Please contact support with any questions you may have regarding the update process.

Updates Page

Posted by: Doug | December 29, 2015

Quick Tip – Help!

Some may have noticed, but the manual disappeared with version 6.0, but it is not forgotten. It has been replaced by the contextual help, which applies to all 14 supported languages. Click on the Help button to view a popover that describes the purpose and use of each screen. At the bottom of this popover are two buttons with one labeled “Show Help Tips”. When clicked, it enables small blue help buttons throughout the entire application that may be clicked to displayed popovers describing a particular feature. Click the button again to disable. Use the Index button to view all Help topics, which includes the ability to jump to that page and show that help popover in context. Here is a picture of this feature.


Posted by: Doug | December 28, 2015

Quick Tip – Changing View Modes

In 6.0, we introduced the concept of view modes in the application. This applies to most of the tabs, presenting the information in the format or layout that is best suited to your immediate needs. For example, using the Publisher tab, you may see that record in a View mode, an Edit mode, or a List mode. Each is best suited to a different use, for example View mode is good for browsing through publishers, the Edit mode for entering new records or editing existing records, and List mode for locating a publisher in a long list.

To switch modes, you may click in one of the two locations on the screen to switch to a different mode. The button pad in the top left allows you to directly jump to the desired mode. Clicking repeatedly on the main tab will cycle you through the modes. Here is an illustration of a screen in View mode, click where indicated by the arrows to navigate to the other view modes.


Posted by: Doug | December 5, 2015

Version 6.1 Released!

This release restores support for iOS. It also addresses issues for multi-user support, so it will work well on a Server for multiple users. The Sessions dialog has been updated extensively to allow tracking of users to sessions and enabling Admin. Changes were also made to speed up the initial login, especially under iOS. The next stage of the multi-user beta testing will make the product available to a limited number of users via a hosting service over the Internet. Please contact support if you are interested in participating in this phase of development.

Posted by: Doug | November 25, 2015

Version 6.0 Released!

Version 6.0 is a transformation of the application from being a key tool in the hands of a craftsman, to a making it a productivity engine for an entire company. Emphasis was placed on the application’s user interface with meticulous attention given to every detail.

It is my hope that you will not only enjoy using the application, but that you will actually love using the product. I know this is a lofty goal, yet it is the one I strived for. Try the new version. There is little risk: there is a 20-day trial period. Then when you believe in the value of the product, purchase it, and be sure to tell your friends about it. The Writer’s Scribe, version 6.0, an important tool for writers and publishers alike.

Douglas J. Swatski
The Writer’s Scribe

Posted by: Doug | April 11, 2015

Version 5.2 released!

Version 5.2 of The Writer’s Scribe has just been released. It is a free upgrade for all 5.x users. The big feature is the ability to manage Reading and Exclusion periods for Publishers. This information is also included when synchronizing with the global list of 1300 Publishers.

In addition, more than a few ergonomic changes have been made, along with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. We are still using the tabbed user interface, though now the screens have an improved organization and the View Publisher screen has a small preview Web inset that makes it easy to get a preview of the Publisher’s website, or tap on it to view the full website in an instant.

We hope you enjoy this release and find using the product very productive when searching for a Publisher for your work.

Douglas J. Swatski

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