Posted by: Doug | May 14, 2012


I SAW A NEED. Actually, my own need. I had written 3 novels, joined a writer’s group, and started writing short stories. I was doing fine tracking my submissions, until I had over a half dozen items out. So I resorted to a spreadsheet, but after a short time found that tedious to maintain, and it didn’t scale for more submissions. After a while, since I’ve done software for a living, I thought if I had this need, others must too. I use The Writer’s Scribe every day myself, slowly evolving what it is, what it does, and how it does it.

In time, I also shifted from only tracking outstanding items, to automating much of the drudgery out of the re-submission process. That’s it. More is coming, but I won’t change the basic premise of the application. It works.

Stay tuned, restez à l’écoute, bleiben Sie dran, estad atentos, fique atento, следите за обновлениями, لا تنزعج, השארו, restate sintonizzati, 敬请关注, 敬請關注, blijf op de hoogte, お楽しみに, and håll ögonen öppna!