Posted by: Doug | September 4, 2012

Version 4.1 of The Writer’s Scribe Released!

Version 4.1 of The Writer’s Scribe has been released. Take a look at the website to see what’s new. Here’s a preview:

  • First, the application is now pre-loaded with nearly 800 publishers. This list of publishers may be synchronized on a periodic basis to keep you up to date on what markets are open or closed.
  • Second, you may bookmark records. Now that you have so many publishers to work with, you may want to get back to them quickly. From the Home tab, you can select bookmarks and with single click you’re there.
  • Third, it is Retina-ready for the Mac and iOS.

And there is more… Click here to read the full README file!


  1. Loving the new additions to the program. Though it may seem a small thing, I truly appreciate the addition of the “Submissions” section in the Publishers tab. So many features, great value for dollar.