Posted by: Doug | September 12, 2012

iPhone 5 support

We’re anxious to see The Writer’s Scribe running on the iPhone 5, and I’ll report on this as soon as we can. It should work, no changes needed. If an updated version of FileMaker Go is released, that should be used. We already went to Retina level graphics. The only drawback on the iPhone has been the speed. Startup may take over 30 seconds, and page to page moves are a bit slow, though still usable. It’s actually rather exciting to see the whole app, and all of your documents, right there at your fingertips, ready for you to use. View them, email them, anything you need, all on your iPhone or iPad.

[UPDATE September 20, 2012]
We haven’t tried the iPhone 5 yet, but we have tried it under iOS 6. It worked fine. Apple released an update to FileMaker Go (FMG) for minor issues with iOS 6. We recommend that you update FMG on your iPhone or iPad for using The Writer’s Scribe with the iPhone 5 since that comes with iOS 6 installed. Send support an email if you see any issues, but so far it looks fine in our testing.

P.S. We also upgraded to Growl 2.0, and unfortunately this breaks our Growl notifications on the Macintosh. We found the problem and fixed it already. You’ll see this fixed in the next point release of the application.

[UPDATE September 27, 2012]
We’ve tried it on an iPhone 5. It works great. The iPhone 5 is much faster than the iPhone 4 and iPad original I compared it to and provides a very good user experience. It is not as fast as a MacBook Pro or iMac, but the application is still very usable. Under iOS, we expect that users will generally consume the data, meaning they will review the Stories they have out, email a manuscript attached to a story, read a story attached as a document, and review their overall submissions status. For each of these tasks, the application performs exceptionally well.

[UPDATE October 6, 2012]
Software limitation…FileMaker Go 12.0.5 displays with a LETTERBOX presentation. Yes, it is an Apple application, but no, it is not fully updated for the iPhone 5. Please note, however, The Writer’s Scribe is written with all screen elements locked to the appropriate side, or to expand when it is appropriate, so it should automatically adjust to a future release of FMG that is not letterboxed. All other aspects of the application appear to work fine on an iPhone 5 under FMG 12.0.5.

[UPDATE October 10, 2012]
FileMaker Go 12.0.6 has now been released with full iPhone 5 support. It works great! No more letterboxing, it uses the full screen. Also, performance approaches desktop speeds for everyday use, incredible. It is really a pleasure to use. We are not aware of any issues at this time on the iPhone 5.

[UPDATE October 25, 2012] Screen Capture