Posted by: Doug | September 30, 2012


A new release. Version 4.2. Seemingly few features, a few bug fixes, so why?

Well, as some know and many sense, software performs valuable functions, AND it interacts with YOU, the user.

This release made many small, but taken together, important changes to the interface. What, you may ask, the screens look almost the same. The difference is subtle, but important. Throughout the application many elements react to your hover, touch, or button press with a flare of color. This feedback tells you whether you can click or press to trigger that action. You no longer need to focus on the precise location of your cursor or finger, the target is apparent by the color.

In addition, the click targets are larger. Again, simple, yet with frequent use, a welcome changes, especially when using a mobile device.

We hope that you find The Writer’s Scribe useful, and in the same sense, we hope that you find The Writer’s Scribe fun to use.