Posted by: Doug | October 6, 2012


We have been quite pleased with the performance of The Writer’s Scribe. With over 800 Publishers entered and a couple of dozen stories, it responds almost instantly. It should, after all, most computers today are the equivalent of a supercomputer not that many years ago. Still, if you want yet more speed, here’s a tip:

On the desktop version of the application you may set the memory cache size. This setting may be found in the Preferences dialog under the Memory subtab. This dialog is under the menu The Writer’s Scribe 4.2, and on the PC it is under the Edit menu. By default, this is typically set to be 64 MB. You may increase this to a maximum of 255 MB.

There is some risk involved. If the application is always open and you never perform enough operations to force the cache to write to disk, you risk losing some data if your computer crashes. Most people will not notice a significant improvement. However, if you have a large number of documents or files stored with each story, the application may grow large. So, to quote a movie cliche, if you feel a need for speed, you may increase the size of your memory cache.