Posted by: Doug | October 30, 2012

Windows 8 ??? Be the first to try it and comment and receive 1 free copy of The Writer’s Scribe

Okay, I need some feedback on how well the software works under Windows 8. I need feedback on the full Intel-based version. It will obviously not work in Windows 8 RT. If you are the first person to try it AND provide written feedback in the form of a Comment to this Post, you will receive one free copy of this software. Download and install the PC version of the trial software. I believe it should run fine, as does with Windows 7, but until it is tried and thoroughly tested under this platform, who knows. Windows 8 is not yet a supported platform.

Please let me know the following:

  1. Does it install correctly? Any errors, if yes please detail the problems.
  2. Does it run correctly, can you create or edit a record?
  3. Can you uninstall the software without any problems?
  4. Any other issues, such as font, sizing of screens, performance, etc.?

Thanks. And good luck on being the first.