Posted by: Doug | April 12, 2013

Version 4.6 now available

Version 4.6 is now available on the Web site.

The Home page has been updated to make it focused, easier to read, and more capable than ever. Over 1,000 Publishers are now listed, with many more in the Mystery genre included.

Beyond this, it may seem that little else changed, but look again. Every part of the UI has been pored over in detail, polished, organized, and essentially made into the best that we could imagine. Performance has been improved, and bugs (alas some bugs were found) were fixed.

We hope you enjoy the product. We believe in our byline, Professional Submission Tracking Software for the Writer. The product is truly professional level and designed to improve your productivity. This product is designed to help you get your work published.

We wish you all the best with your writing.