Posted by: Doug | July 12, 2013

Growl on Sale

I came across this today, Growl for the Mac is on sale for $0.99. I don’t know how long this sale will last. I highly recommend it. I think it’s worth it, whether priced at $0.99 or $3.99. Here’s the link: Growl at the Mac App Store.

For those that haven’t used Growl, you may ask, what is it? It is a notification app.

Next, you may ask, why should I care? Simple, if fills a gap in usability and improves productivity in a very elegant way. We integrated with Growl on the Macintosh version of The Writer’s Scribe at the suggestion of a developer friend (Ron) many releases ago.

In our application, The Writer’s Scribe, we automatically save a record whenever the user moves to a different screen. This makes it easy and quick to make changes. That said, it is nice to get a notification that a save completed successfully without needing to move your mouse off to some corner of the screen to dismiss a dialog. That would defeat the purpose of an automatic save. So, without Growl, we simply save it silently and that’s it. However, if you want to know, then with Growl you’ll get a note in the corner of your screen that will automatically fade away. In the future, Apple may implement something similar, but this works today and will continue to work.