Posted by: Doug | October 22, 2013

Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks Now Supported in version 4.9 of The Writer’s Scribe

Mavericks is now supported. The update was very minor and we simply updated the 4.9 release of the application. If you have any issues with using Mavericks on the Macintosh, please contact support.

Some other notes on the latest Macintosh release, first, by default the Mac OS does not install Java. We use a plug-in in the application to provide a nice interface for selecting files for backups, upgrades, and imports. It is not absolutely required, and 99% of the application functions correctly without Java installed. That said, most users expect a nice interface for doing these operations, so we employ this plug-in which requires the use of Java for this. The application will automatically ask if you want to install Java, and it is a significant size, so it takes a little time to download and install.

We hope you enjoy using our product, The Writer’s Scribe.

Thank you.