Posted by: Doug | April 11, 2015

Version 5.2 released!

Version 5.2 of The Writer’s Scribe has just been released. It is a free upgrade for all 5.x users. The big feature is the ability to manage Reading and Exclusion periods for Publishers. This information is also included when synchronizing with the global list of 1300 Publishers.

In addition, more than a few ergonomic changes have been made, along with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. We are still using the tabbed user interface, though now the screens have an improved organization and the View Publisher screen has a small preview Web inset that makes it easy to get a preview of the Publisher’s website, or tap on it to view the full website in an instant.

We hope you enjoy this release and find using the product very productive when searching for a Publisher for your work.

Douglas J. Swatski