Posted by: Doug | December 28, 2015

Quick Tip – Changing View Modes

In 6.0, we introduced the concept of view modes in the application. This applies to most of the tabs, presenting the information in the format or layout that is best suited to your immediate needs. For example, using the Publisher tab, you may see that record in a View mode, an Edit mode, or a List mode. Each is best suited to a different use, for example View mode is good for browsing through publishers, the Edit mode for entering new records or editing existing records, and List mode for locating a publisher in a long list.

To switch modes, you may click in one of the two locations on the screen to switch to a different mode. The button pad in the top left allows you to directly jump to the desired mode. Clicking repeatedly on the main tab will cycle you through the modes. Here is an illustration of a screen in View mode, click where indicated by the arrows to navigate to the other view modes.