Posted by: Doug | January 3, 2016

Minor update for license activation

I have received support requests regarding having difficulty with the license activation procedure for version 6.x. I put out a minor update of the application to address this issue.

The Licenses screen now supports using an Import License button or a drag and drop target to apply a license file to the application. Once selected with either the button or the drag and drop action, a license will be added, a contact for the user that is private will be added, and that contact correctly associated or connected to the license. This saves work compared to entering this information manually. You may still do the activation manually.


This addition is intended for new installations where a registration name and key have not been entered, or for adding multiple licenses in a multi-user installation. Please see the website for the updated installation instructions: Update Instructions.

If you have any difficulties, please contact support and we will address any issues.

Thank you.