Posted by: Doug | January 2, 2015

Version 5.1 of The Writer’s Scribe software released

An update to The Writer’s Scribe software has just been released and is available for immediate download. This is a free update for all users with version 5.0. This version updates the database software for improved compatibility for the latest OS, along with other bug fixes, including updates to linked User Guides and to Website pages.

Posted by: Doug | October 16, 2014

MacOS Yosemite

So far, so good. Let me know if you see any issues. I upgraded to Yosemite. I ran the application. It put up a dialog about needing Java, which we use with the 360Works plugin for file dialogs. By default this is not installed with Yosemite. Click the “More Info” button on that dialog and install Java. That’s it. I’m seeing no problems and the performance is great. Again, let me know if you see any problems.

Posted by: Doug | September 6, 2014

Link Errors

A few link errors have been found, thank you David, in the application that point to the documentation and the videos. The links on the website:, are correct. These errors will be corrected with the next minor update.

Posted by: Doug | May 5, 2014

Website updated, Forums added!

The website has been completely overhauled. It is now faster, cleaner, and translates better than ever. All translations of the User’s Guides are also now posted, and the navigation supports easily switching over to the Blog or Forums.Also, Forums were added, with all language packs.

You can now find Banners in the Forums and post your own.

Finally, user supported forums are available to post all of your questions and get them answered.

Posted by: Doug | January 2, 2014

Publisher database updated!

Friday January 2, 2015

Wednesday November 26, 2014

Friday November 21, 2014

Tuesday November 18, 2014

Tuesday November 11, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014 Read More…

Posted by: Doug | January 1, 2014

Version 5.0

We ring in the New Year with a new version of The Writer’s Scribe, version 5.0!

This is our best release yet. We incorporated an updated databases engine for improved performance, improved platform support, and improved user interface features. Read all about itĀ from our README file, here.

Version 5.0 Home Summary

This is a Free upgrade for all purchases made after May 28th, 2013 (6 months)! We will be sending out updated registration keys soon, or contact us at for your key.


Posted by: Doug | November 23, 2013

Global Publishers Update Fixed

This is embarrassing. We found a bug in the algorithm used to generate Publisher updates. This bug essentially caused many updates to individual publishers to be ignored. This is now fixed, so you should get these updates when you import the Updated Publishers.

Note: this error was not in your installed copy of The Writer’s Scribe. It was only server side. So you do not need to take any action to see the corrected updated publishers from here on out when you import the updated Global Publishers.

Mavericks is now supported. The update was very minor and we simply updated the 4.9 release of the application. If you have any issues with using Mavericks on the Macintosh, please contact support.

Some other notes on the latest Macintosh release, first, by default the Mac OS does not install Java. We use a plug-in in the application to provide a nice interface for selecting files for backups, upgrades, and imports. It is not absolutely required, and 99% of the application functions correctly without Java installed. That said, most users expect a nice interface for doing these operations, so we employ this plug-in which requires the use of Java for this. The application will automatically ask if you want to install Java, and it is a significant size, so it takes a little time to download and install.

We hope you enjoy using our product, The Writer’s Scribe.

Thank you.


Posted by: Doug | October 13, 2013

Version 4.9 of The Writer’s Scribe is Released!

Is less more? In version 4.9, we added a Read-only view to the Stories, Publishers, Submissions, Alerts, Sales, and Expenses tabs. How is this less?

  • Fewer clicks
  • See more on a single screen
  • Easily view everything at a single glance

2013-10-12 01.01.21 pmClick on a tab to instantly switch between a Read-only to an Edit view. Click again to see a Tabular Listing view. It keeps you on the same record, allowing you to continue your work. Use the view best suited to your needs.

Download it today!

Posted by: Doug | July 16, 2013

Global Publishers Updated: Weekly.

Click here to see the Global Publishers blog page for more information on downloading updates from a globally maintained database of publishers.

If you are a registered user, and you are having any problems with performing the Check for Updates, please contact support and we will correct the problem.


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