The Writer’s Scribe

The Writer’s Scribe is a writing management system that runs on your Mac or PC...

For an Author, it tracks your submissions to publishers and generates alerts to keep you up to date.

For an Agency or Publisher, it provides a streamlined workflow to handle a large volume of submissions.

Avoid issues with simultaneous or multiple submissions with a simple 3-step process, allowing the application to suggest eligible publishers.    

The interface is user-friendly and the software takes just minutes to install for a test drive.

✦  Do you need to track multiple submissions out to multiple publishers?

✦  Do you need to process an impossible number of submissions daily to find the right one for your publication, while handling all submissions and responses in a professional manner?

Version 7.5 is now available. The tagline for 7.5 is: I feel a need for speed!

See the Learn More page for a full listing of what's new.

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  Professional submission tracking software for the writer, agent, and publisher